SpatialKey Partnership to Develop New App to Accurately Assess Flood Risk

by nickkNovember 25, 2013

Please Note: This article has been amended since the original publication date following clarification from SpatialKey. One big challenge facing insurers is how to accurately assess flood risk. Given that flood damage is usually substantial and costly; it’s vital for insurers to be able to develop premiums that reflect the genuine level of risk involved […]

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Taking Your Insurance Company Digital – What Do You Need to Make it Work?

by nickkNovember 11, 2013

The world has changed dramatically over the last 50 years. Technology has driven consumer choice and changes in the way people buy products and interact with their vendors. Insurance brokers are being dragged into a digital age whether they like it or not. People want to be able to access their service providers from their […]

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The Two Key Drivers for Insurance Technology for the Coming Years

by nickkOctober 28, 2013

The Two Key Drivers for Insurance Technology for the Coming Years Insurers may have been a little late getting on board with the opportunities offered by new technologies but there’s a sense of optimism in the air now. The standard drivers for technology adoption haven’t changed very much over the years: Reducing Risk – The […]

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Dashcams – A Way to Reduce Automotive Insurance Premiums?

by nickkOctober 14, 2013

Take any technology and given enough time people will find ingenious ways to use it. In Russia the use of dashboard cameras (dashcams) has become a key feature of daily life. The footage they’ve captured over there has led to a spate of interesting YouTube videos like this mildly disturbing video of a meteor strike […]

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Building the Business Case for Improved Customer Experience in Your Insurance Brokerage

by nickkSeptember 30, 2013

Insurers are pretty well-informed that customer experience is the key to running a good business. The problem is that when it comes to asking for investment in customer experience it’s easy for the executive team to turn down because it’s not clear where the return on investment is coming from. Chief Information Officers understand that […]

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Can Technology help David beat Goliath in Insurance?

by nickkSeptember 16, 2013

Insurance, like nearly every industry, has its giants. They hold a dominant share of customer spending and at times the smaller broker must despair of their chances against these titans. They can spend more on advertising, more on marketing and reach more potential clients and as their market share rises – they can do this […]

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Insurance as a Service?

by nickkSeptember 2, 2013

We regularly focus on the benefits of technology to the insurance market, this week we want to ask a different question; “could insurance products eventually be modeled on the software as a service and cloud computing models?” Software as a Service The days of buying applications on disk and then installing them and then rebuying […]

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Electronic Signatures – Time for Insurance Brokers to Put Away their Pens?

by nickkAugust 19, 2013

Electronic Signatures – Time for Insurance Brokers to Put Away their Pens? Insurance brokers looking to cut down on their overhead and make things easier for their customers are going to have to start accepting e-signatures. By allowing your customers to make binding agreements without the need for a physical signature you should be able […]

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Have you updated your IT security policies to cover Mobile use?

by nickkAugust 5, 2013

The insurance sector may be a little slow on the uptake of new technology at times but as with all other businesses in the UK there’s been a distinct move to mobile platforms over the last few years. However, as with all technology implementations there’s a risk to the business and it’s possible that these […]

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Video in Print – Insurance Quotations Made Really Easy

by nickkJuly 22, 2013

We’re real advocates of technology that provides a competitive edge for insurance brokers and whilst we may not always be convinced by every technology; occasionally we find a real winner. Our clever cousins across the Atlantic have been refining the way that the car insurance market operates. RSA spoke to their clients and asked them […]

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