Why Aggregators are Beating the Insurers and Winning Customer’s Hearts and Minds

by nickkJune 19, 2014

Last week on our sister site; we looked at the reasons that User Experience (or UX) is important to insurers looking to improve their online offerings or to move into the mobile application space. This week we’d like to review some of the findings from a recent report from Instinct Studios and show how a […]

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Bitcoin and Insurance – Cover Your Virtual Wallet

by nickkJune 9, 2014

Bitcoin is the world’s most famous virtual currency. It is an unregulated means of conducting transactions on and offline. Whilst much of the press attention regarding Bitcoin has been focused on the ability to conduct criminal dealings in a hard-to-trace manner; there has been a growing interest in the currency from more legitimate users too. […]

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5 Reasons that Cyber-Risk Insurance is Going to Be A Growth Market for the Next Decade

by nickkMay 26, 2014

In a global business environment the number one asset for an enterprise is its data. It’s data that enables the fine-tuning of products and research into new product development. It’s data that enables constant customer contact, client billing and delivery to clients. Yet, cyber-risk insurance that protects that data and the misuse of that data […]

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5 Key Factors that Sort Digital Performers from The Rest in Insurance

by nickkMay 12, 2014

As you know, here at Riskheads, we’re big fans of technology being used to improve insurance offerings. We’re firm advocates of using technology to lower costs and improve customer service. One thing we’ve realized is that while we’ve often signposted technological benefits – we’ve never taken the time to examine what makes for a “digital […]

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Is it Time for Insurers to Transition from Customer Relationship Management to Customer Experience Management?

by nickkApril 28, 2014

A commonly acknowledged concern for insurers is customer relations. It comes up in all the major analysts’ reports year-after-year. Most insurers have been investing in customer relationship management (CRM) programs over the last decade. Today, we’d like to ask if that’s enough and whether it’s time for insurers to consider transitioning to customer experience management […]

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Amazon and Google to Shake up the Insurance Market?

by nickkApril 14, 2014

There are rumblings on the horizon (well over the Atlantic) that the two biggest names in technology are about to sink their claws into the insurance market in the United States. Amazon is strongly considering entering the life insurance market and Google is about to jump into car insurance according to the news. Google and […]

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Can The Insurance Industry Learn Something From the Gaming Industry

by nickkMarch 31, 2014

In a lot of ways the insurance industry has struggled with technology. Industry adoption of new technologies runs far behind other financial services sectors. Consumers have latched on to price comparison websites to drive down margins for brokers and insurers alike. Customers expect service across a whole range of contact points that didn’t so much […]

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5 Reasons to Increase Mobile Application Uptake in the Insurance Sector

by nickkMarch 17, 2014

Mobile applications are becoming more and more significant in the way consumers choose to do business. Yet despite that; less than 10% of British customers are interacting with their insurers in this way. That means there’s significant opportunity in the market for insurers ready to invest in mobile applications. We’ve put together 5 reasons for […]

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8 Ways to Check if Your Brokerage is Getting the Most out of its Digital Strategies

by nickkMarch 3, 2014

If you want to know if your investment in IT is making the best impact on your brokerage; here’s our step-by-step checklist to see if you’re really getting the most from your digital investments. 1. Is IT automatically involved in marketing ideas? It may seem a bit strange but if marketing decides that a new […]

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New Social Media Support for Insurance Brokers from Hearsay

by nickkFebruary 17, 2014

There’s no doubting the importance of social media for making connections with potential customers and for consolidating relationships with existing clients. However, one of the big challenges facing insurance brokers and insurers is how to tackle social media in a meaningful way. Too many LinkedIn profiles and Facebook accounts start with good intentions and then […]

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